Chemical sciences


Proposals that involve probing fundamental aspects of chemical science, synthetic, computational and physical as well as analytical, that would lead to translational output, particularly on immediate relevance to the societal needs are welcome. The areas mentioned below are notional and are not restrictive. However, the projects are expected to lead to demonstrable outcome in terms of applications.

Major Goal: Ability to design and manipulate matter using principles of chemistry

Energy conversion and Storage
  • Understanding Electron / Ion Coupled Transport in various systems.
  • Catalysis – Development of novel catalysts for dinitrogen and C=O bond activation.
  • Chemical / photochemical and Electrochemical aspects of conversion and storage, role of electrolyzers and reformers / New approaches for heterogeneous catalysis, e.g., using porous organic polymers (POPs).

Organic and Bio-catalysis – Catalysis on Demand
  • Novel aspects of asymmetric synthesis / catalysts / enzymatic reactions / soft Matter / chemical biology / Sustainable chemistry and waste utilization, e.g., plastics and polymers.

Capture, Utilization and Storage of Small Molecules such as CO2 , Reversible Hydrogen Storage and conversion to useful products/ Scavenging of pollutants (from environments, water, air, etc.) by new mechanisms.

New functional molecules and functional materials, including supramolecular systems.
  • Application in the fields of health, environment, and safety and their translation to products/devices.
  • Products for air and water purification, disease diagnosis and therapy.

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