About the Programme

Scheme for Transformational and Advanced Research in Sciences (STARS) for promoting translational, India-centric research in Sciences, to be implemented and managed by Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

With the key objective of supporting socially relevant research, the following 6 basic thrust areas have been identified: Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Nanosciences, Data Sciences & Mathematics and Earth Sciences.


The Key Objectives

  • To fund science projects which are translational, i.e. which have direct implications for the progress of the country, through a competitive process in an open and transparent manner.
  • Basic thrust would be to take stock of an existing problem and work backwards towards conducting research for a solution.
  • Promoting an inter-disciplinary & translational approach in research for synergy, de-duplication and greater comprehensiveness & relevance of research activity.
  • Orient science towards addressing needs & issues of the country in key sectors like health, agriculture, energy, environment, security etc.
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Thrust Areas

  • Physical Sciences

  • Chemical Sciences

  • Biological Sciences

  • Nanosciences

  • Data Science and Mathematics

  • Earth Sciences

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