Project progress would be assessed half-yearly following DST- SERB/DBT/CSIR template/model. Project report would be submitted to online portal. llsc would be the single point source for progress data or any query from MoE regarding STARS.
Online information will be evaluated by Domain Expert Committee. For midterm evaluation, the 'Details of Principal Investigator (PI)' will be called for presentation before the Committee.
If the project progress is not satisfactory, the committee may consider recommending close monitoring / hand-holding and assign domain experts to help. The Domain Expert Committee may also recommend termination of the project in case progress is deemed poor or in cases where there is substantial deviation from the sanctioned goals of the grant. ln case of pre-mature termination, refund of already sanctioned amount would be the liability of the researcher and/or his institution.
In every Meeting of the Apex Committee, a status report on ongoing projects would be presented by llSc.


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